The Photo Review of 2015

Our 2015 year was one of the most challenging ever so far. It started in Paraguay and ended in Ecuador. During this year we managed somehow to live in 4 different countries: Paraguay, Bolivia, Colombia and Ecuador. Like always we had planed another road-map. This was actually plan-B because plan-A failed. You may know what FAIL stands for? First Attempt In Learning! When you make a plan and with guarantee the output will be different than what was initially planned. That is called life I believe.

Most interesting 2015 Year Photography

Yesterday I was checking the automatically created Interesting 2015 Photos on Flickr and lots of all-ready forgotten experiences flashed up again…

Interesting 2015 photography

It’s crazy it hasn’t been long ago but almost already forgotten. Why? I assume it’s because we are experiencing so many new situations in the last 17 month that we barely can keep up with what happened a few weeks ago and the “older” information goes directly in the archive-brain section. :-)

Well all four countries have had their very interesting photographic moments which I want to share with you now. Watching again those pictures after a while it seems that landscapes, portrait and animal as well as black and white and some minimalistic compositions are performing best so far.



Most interesting photos in Paraguay, South America during the very first weeks of 2015. We arrived in mid 2014 but left in mid January 2015. The last weeks we where in Asuncion the capital, Paraguari and Villarica before heading to Filadelfia and Mariscal Estigarribia (with the US Estigarribia airbase about 200km from Bolivia). Highlights in Paraguay where the world stunning landscape twilight (almost no mountains – all flat) and the movie-like blue sky.

Interesting Paraguay Photography



Most interesting photos in Bolivia, South America during 2015. We arrived over the great Transchaco dessert “road” in January 2015. During our stay in Bolivia we first lived in the mountain village of Samaipata. A few weeks in Rurrenabaque, a very short trip to La Paz (35 min.) did you know that La Paz is with  3650 meters (11,975 ft) above sea level de facto, the world’s highest capital? Bolivia is a little like the Tibet of South America! So after our 35 minutes stay over at La Paz we stayed a few month in big city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra. Highlights in Bolivia have been the over all very unique and wild landscapes of this beautiful country.

Interesting Bolivia Photography



Most interesting photos in Colombia, South America during 2015. During our 3 month exploration we visited and discovered a few totally different regions: Bogota the capital, Cundinamarca, Caribbean coast, Santa Marta, Medellin and the Eje Cafetero / Armenia. Highlights in Colombia seem to be the Architecture not only Colonial but also modern see Medellin.

Interesting Colombia Photography



Most interesting photos in Ecuador, South America during 2015. We arrived late in 2015 to Esmeralda and started our exploration with Mompiche, Oviedo in Manabi, Guayaquil, Quito the capital, Tena, Macas and now in mountain village of Mindo. Highlights in Ecuador have been the active stratovolcano Sangay the Lobster-claw paradise looking flower and all of those amazing tropical fruits we have been tasting so far :-)

Interesting Ecuador Photography