Power failure DIY solutions

If you are a Digital Nomad yourself or live in a remote location some where on the planet or just in a region where there is not 24/7 electric power like for example the state of New York city in the United States


You might be interested into getting inspiration how to best deal with the situation.

Solar bottle bulb

solar bottle bulb

Over at pinterest I once stumbled upon a cool DIY idea for people in Africa to use a full soda bottle of water in the ceiling as natural light source. The project is called “solar bottle bulb”. All the step by step instructions can be found here: How to build your own Solar bottle bulb.

Power Failure

Now just a few days ago we had a few Power failures in the mountain town of Samaipata where we where living. The good thing is you get an instant romantic ambiance but its not very practical if you try to move around in the dark …

Power failure DIY solutions

Now our workaround was rather simple. We had a big 20 Liters water dispenser witch was full with water. on the top of the 20 L water bottle we placed a LED flashlight pointing directly into the water bottle. Now the output is not very well visible but actually we had a nice nice light bright room lighting. It did not reach very far but it was less extreme than the flashlight itself which can be used very well lightning punctually at something but is not really useful to light a entire room.

Voila this is the solution.