Ernüchternder Bericht zu Fairtrade

Wie fair sind Fairtrade & Co? Kakao-Bauern profitieren kaum. Kürzlich ist die Schweizer Fernsehsendung «Kassensturz» in die Republik Côte d’Ivoire gereist und hat mit Kakao-Bauern gesprochen, die ihren Kakao mit Fair Trade-Label verkaufen. Ein ernüchternder Bericht, der kaum Verbesserungen zeigt. Wer in der Schweiz eine von Fairtrade oder UTZ gekennzeichnete Schokolade kauft, geht davon aus, …

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Why modern world christmas celebration is ridiculous

Keeping in mind the fact that every world religion has own rituals and celebrations. I like to share with you a literally enlightening article about the origin of christmas. Christianity (2.8B), Islam(1.8B), Unaffiliated (1.2B), Hinduism (1.1B), Buddhism (0.5B), Judaism (0.01B)

Lemon Superfood

Have you ever tried Capirinha without Lemon? It does not taste good at all believe me … Anyway. You may or may not know but Lemon is another so called superfood.

Onions and Garlic

Onions and Garlic are vegetables witch have both many health benefits – most of our ancestors knew and now our generation has almost totally forgotten about them. Actually both contain a variety of natural chemicals that are capable of fighting infections and healing the human body. Never let the unpleasant odor of any of these foods cause you to avoid them as these foods can easily be added to recipes.

Oberer Letten Zürich

The Landscape Architecture Magazine ASLA just published a a well written article about the summer open air swimming options in the city of Zurich. In Zurich, the quest for something cool ends at the nearest badi LAM 06 June 2015_Zurich Badi.pdf

Adobe construction

Adobe is the Spanish word for mud brick originates from Arabic, is a building material made from earth and often organic material.

In dry climates, adobe structures are extremely durable, and account for some of the oldest existing buildings in the world.


“Moringa Oleifera” also known as “Moringa” is growing in popularity among health conscious people worldwide. Some call it the “Miracle Tree” while yet others call it “The tree of life”. The Moringa plant was originally native to the Himalayan foothills of Asia but due to it’s popularity and fast growth, it’s now being cultivated all over the tropical and subtropical regions of the world.

Healthy Tropical Fruits and Vegetables

We, Btina and myself have re-discovered all the following amazing tropical fruits and vegetables here in Bolivia, South America. This is a quick recap of the last weeks blog post about the healthy tropical fruits and vegetables. So far I have published about: Papaya, Coconut, Potatoes, Cacao, Bananas and Avocados

Cacao and chocolate

You might have figured out that I like Chocolate so today I’m publishing this blog post about Cacao and how the Chocolate is made.

Bad Boy III 2012 review

Not so long ago in another life I had this killer urban bike. A Bad Bod III from Cannondale. If you live in a city you may have seen of them around. Or maybe you where not sure what you saw – now you know what it was

Desktop Wallpaper Photos

Download your free wallpaper here. I have a entire Flickr Album dedicated to nothing less than high quality and unique photography you are free to use personally desktop wallpaper photos. Please note that it’s free for personal use only! Any commercial use for wallpaper needs to be discussed with me first.