Best of Paraguay photos

Enjoy the best of Paraguay photos within the last 4 month in here. Paraguay is a landlocked country in the heart of South America. It’s bordered by Brazil to the east and northeast, Bolivia to the northwest and Argentina to the south and southwest. We have been traveling an exploring mainly the south and southwest of the country so far. We visited the following departamentos in Paraguay: Central (Asuncion), Paraguari, Guaira (Villarica), Caazapa, San Pedro and Caaguazu as well as Canindeyu. Soon we will explore de departamentos of Presidente Hayes and Boqueron so stay tuned for more photos.


This photo was taken during an extended afternoon walk in the departamento of Paraguari in Paraguay.


During a mountain bike race one participant: this one guy perfectly reflected the typical Paraguayan attitude which is : tranquillo !



This was the view from the pick-up in the afternoon, driving back from Melgarejo in the campo of Colonia Independencia.



Local people are very happy fellows. They manage to transport goods with their head, quite impressive!



The beautiful landscape view from a mountain near the town of Sapukai.


Hoy y mañana en Sapukai – último ferrocarril de #paraguay #museo

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The town was one of the most impressive English colonies back in the days. From the English there are a few last remaining wood-fired steam locomotives rusting around.


Magical sun-set landscape outside of the city of Paraguari.


The most fascinating colors in Paraguay like the perfect blue sky vivid green turf and the red earth and water of Paraguay.


Cowboy father with cowboy son watching the corrida in action in the town on Nueva Colombia, Paraguay.



Motorbike pit stop in Melgarejo near Colonia Independencia in Paraguay


This is a house in the city of Paraguari

One of the most impressive, not so tall, mountains near the city of Paraguari

Paraguay_rio Tebicuary Mi en Paraguay
This is the Rio Tebicuary Mi in Guaira, Paraguay

The public transportation in Paraguay is pretty straight forward.

This landscape with clear layers was shoot in the early morning hours near Colonia Independencia    


La basura en Paraguari #Paraguay Ein von Yago Veith (@yago1) gepostetes Foto am

Like all the nice things in life there are negative things and places like this local dump where all the garbage is being collected and then just burned….



One of the most brute issues of South America and especially in Paraguay is the heavy deforestation within the entire country which has been accomplished in the last 30 years or so. Take your time and do read about the tragic deforestation of the Gran Chaco also in Paraguay it’s a very well written article from the Rollings Stones Magazine.


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Ein von Yago Veith (@yago1) gepostetes Foto am

Nerveless if you search you will find some absolutely stunning places in Paraguay.