Bad Boy III 2012 review

Not so long ago in another life I had this killer urban bike. A Bad Bod III from Cannondale. If you live in a city you may have seen of them around. Or maybe you where not sure what you saw – now you know what it was


This is like an archive of all the my photos and my YouTube videos I made with the Cannondale Bad Boy bike during 2012 until 2014. Enjoy.

The stealth-fighter Bad Boy parked!

Bad Bo 3 Locked in Zuerich
Image: Cannondale BadBoy III parked in Zürich, Switzerland 2013

After 3 month it good robed in front of my apartment!!! So I purchased another one which I had to wait like 3 long weeks until I got it. 3 weeks in summer time is a very long time…

Bad Boy 3 Lefty: Official Specification

Urban. Legend. With stealth-fighter looks and street-fighter performance, The Cannondale Bad Boy 3 2012 Hybrid Bike is a fast, stylish and functional high-tech fashion statement that will turn even the most mundane urban journeys into a thrill ride.

Anyway if you like cycling in the urban area you should really think about trying one of those bikes.

Bad Boy 3 Front Dirty
Image: Front view of the Black Cannondale Bad Boy with other tires

During my time with the Bad Bod I recorded some little GoPro videos which I will share with you now. Some of them have been watched more than a thousand times until today so I figured I might write a blog article and merge all the videos into one blog post. Here we are. The name has nothing to do with the Bad Boys movie of 1995… :-)

Bad Boy video action

Video of Bad Boy Urban Cycling in Zurich Switzerland

Video: This was my first attempt to record the urban cycling with the GoPro. Recording went pretty good but somehow I did not fully master the editing – see the black side borders. Never less it was a great ride.

Bad Boy 3 Cannondale Gas Petrole Station
Image: Bad Boy pit stop at the gas station. For Air of course – what else.

The positive thing about the Cannondale Bad Boy is that it’s indeed a very quick bike. I had no big issues in overtaking any other bikes or most of the cars in the city. The wheels and the tires (Schwalbe Kojak Slick) are absolutely state of the art for speed.

Bad Boy 3 front

Bad Boy 3 Driving Zurich City
Image: Taken with the GoPro during summer riding in Zurich, Switzerland

The bad thing here was with the very fine tires of the wheels that one day I had a epic crash (no video here) because the tire just got stuck in a rainwater manhole cover which had fine slices exactly as wide as my tire… so it gut stuck there while driving and I crashed on the road. After that I exchanged the tires with some rough edges and wide tires. But I was never again to gain that quickly speed as before with the original tires.

Bad Boy 3 Driving
Image: Driving the Cannondale Bad Boy III with Lefty front wheel

Just looking at the bike with the Lefty front wheel made me want to ride the bike.

Bad Boy 3 Front Bar
Image: The original Cannondale Bad Boy front bar without the LED lights

Bad Boy 3 Front LED lights
Image: Over eBay I purchased the LED lights for the front bar and installed it. Looked pretty good. Bad Boy with embedded Cannondale Urban Si Integrated LED Light (USB re-charge)

Short YouTube Video of those naughty LED lights on the Bad Boy

Bad Boy video action 2

Here is another GoPro cycling video with the Bad Boy -> Cycling in Wallisellen, Zürich. Cannondale Bad Boy 3.

How do you like the music?

Last Bad Boy video action

Video: GoPro Sunday morning urban bike trip to Zurich


Go Pro Video Camera

Image: The GoPro Hero2 I used to capture the video footage.

Full Face Helmet

Image: After the first serious accident I purchased a MET Parachute Full Face Mountain Bike Helmet.

Bad Boy 3 Office Day

Bad Boy 3 Locked


Bad Boy 3 Last Picture before selling it

Image: This was the last picture of the Bad Boy before I sold the bike and most of my other belongings and started exploring Latin America in August 2014