Authentic Bolivia Photography

Authentic Bolivia Photography during our +6 month exploration of Bolivia in 2015.

Sometimes referred to as the Tibet of the Americas, Bolivia is one of the most “remote” countries in the western hemisphere; except for the navigable Paraguay River stretching to the distant Atlantic, Bolivia and Paraguay are the only two landlocked nations in the Americas. It is also the most indigenous country in the Americas, with 60% of its population being of pure Native American ancestry.

Twilight over the Beni river in Rurrenabaque Bolivia

Image: Twilight Amazon basin landscape near Rurrenabaque, Beni, Bolivia

Mountain village Samaipata, Bolivia

Image: Mountain village landscape in Samaipata, Bolivia

Lost world of Refugio de los volcanes_Bermejo_Samaipata_Bolivia_z

Image: Wild Refugio de los volcanes landscape, Bermejo, Samaipata, Bolivia

Water Bolivia

Image: Bolivian yungas river floating into the amazon basin of South America

Bolivia Bermejo

Image: Hidden yungas creek near Bermejo in Bolivia

According my public photo gallery on Flickr the following 99 photos are the most interesting photos I’v have taken in Bolivia so far – Enjoy:

Bolivia Most Interesting Photography 2015

Bolivia Most Interesting Photography according to Flickr