Passionate ∞ Regenerative Entrepreneur. Polyglot. Disruptive. Founder of GaiaVerso.org. Creator of GaiaVerso (PermaTree) and ThinkBamboo.

Remember that you are going to die. It’s the best way to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. Follow your heart. Quote: Steve Jobs

Experience is more than history, it’s foresight. I bring a broad range of interdisciplinary involvement in digital project coordination, e-commerce, online marketing, community management and social media to the table. I am also well versed in dealing with a variety of technical and non-technical stakeholders within the different organizations I’ve worked with. The result of my work is a deep understanding of digital trends and the ability to forecast them.

Over the years I have had the pleasure of working with the following companies, helping them find innovative marketing solutions to age-old problems: IBM Switzerland, Microsoft, Lee Jeans, Alusuisse, Swiss Life, SAP, L’Oréal Professionnel, Roche, Marionnaud AS Watson, dacadoo, HMO, Sanyo, Swiss Army, Tilllate, and SIA.

In the past I was involved either as developer, programmer, photographer, designer, project manager, coordinator or consultant. My professional career started in the heat of the dotcom boom in 1998. This allowed me to get deeply involved in the launch of many early website and web-based projects. I gained further professional experience in the online field working for various Internet marketing agencies in Switzerland as well as for a few in-house marketing departments at internationally renowned firms like IBM, SAP, and Marionnaud A.S. Watson.

Beyond sustainable. I have reforested in 6 years more than 2000 bamboo and 1500 tropical fruit trees in the amazon basin of Ecuador. Enhancing local biodiversity of flora and fauna. Tropical Agroforestry. Bioengineering with Vetiver grass and perennial peanut to get soil microorganism on steroids.

High growth Startup experience across multiple sectors in Switzerland. Founded a start-up in Ecuador, LATAM within the plant based food industry. Passions I share beside work are bamboo and photography.

Builds bridges between different cultures having lived in Spain, Colombia, Bolivia, Ecuador, Panama, Paraguay and Switzerland. Polyglot mind-set: German, English, Spanish and French.

2007 – HSLU (Lucerne University) Guest lecturer digital photography
2010 – IAB Switzerland Association in Zürich (Event) Social Media Marionnaud
2011 – SOMshare (Event) Mechanic of Social Media Channels at Marionnaud
2014 – Mobile Monday Zurich (Event) dacadoo Health Score
2014 – QuantifiedSelf meet-up Zurich (Event) dacadoo Health Score and gamification
2020 – Ecuador (Event) Tropical Permaculture in a nutshell
2021 – Voiz DAO (Online Event) Sustainability and the impact of PermaTree SuperFoods S.A. in Ecuador from a social, environmental and economic point of view

Swiss Alps, 2010 – Photo credits: Mladen Maric


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