Lemon Superfood

Have you ever tried Capirinha without Lemon? It does not taste good at all believe me … Anyway. You may or may not know but Lemon is another so called superfood.

Onions and Garlic

Onions and Garlic are vegetables witch have both many health benefits – most of our ancestors knew and now our generation has almost totally forgotten about them. Actually both contain a variety of natural chemicals that are capable of fighting infections and healing the human body. Never let the unpleasant odor of any of these foods cause you to avoid them as these foods can easily be added to recipes.


Actually Btina and myself don’t really enjoy pure Papaya but there are so many great health benefits which have motivated us to include it into our daily eating habits – if locally available.

Bananas in Bolivia

It’s not a secret that Btina and myself love Bananas. So this blog post is dedicated to the lovely Banana fruit or technically speaking the banana berry :-) Visually speaking there are green, yellow and red Bananas and maybe even in some additional flavors.