Studie: Schriftgrößen und Webseiten

99.7% aller Internet Benutzer verwenden im Browser die Standardeinstellung für die Schriftgröße. Das zeigt A survey of Browser Text Size settings

clickdensity has now been up and running for over 3 months, during which time we’ve recorded about 20 million visitor sessions from nearly 1,500 websites. With this quantity and variety of data, we thought it would be worthwhile finding and publishing useful generic statistics that are not currently available elsewhere on the web. We’ll start with Text Size settings.
Text Size settings

One of the browser properties we detect and store for every session is the user’s Text Size setting. Most modern browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and so on) allow the user to change this setting, to scale the text on websites up or down. As each browser has a slightly different range of scaling options, we have chosen – for the sake of clarity – to limit the statistics presented here to the Internet Explorer settings of Smallest, Smaller, Medium (the default setting), Larger, and Largest. About 99.7% of visitors use the (default) Medium text size setting. Roughly 0.1% of visitors choose a text size smaller than Medium, and 0.2% of visitors choose a text size larger than Medium.

Scheinbar wissen viele Benutzer gar nicht, dass es auch anders geht.
Clientseitig: Im Browser, Ansicht, Schriftgrösse: Vergrössern oder Verkleinern.
Serverseitig: Auf der Webseite. Gewisse webseiten (z.B. viele Joomla CMS) haben eine Option wo der Benutzer die Schriftgröße einstellen kann.

Quelle: A survey of Browser Text Size settings