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I love the drama of landscapes and the nature. LOVE to capture the mountains in winter and summer. Since 2014 South America. The more visual drama, the better…

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I started taking photos since I’m 18. I believe it’s all about how the photographer see’s something and how he can share our vision. My biggest influence are natural forms and colors. I have a process of photo selection that takes a good year. First thing after taking a photo I make a first selection then wait for a couple of days and make another selection and schedule the photos to be published on the net.  At the end of the year with the help of social insights, likes, views and comments a create a final selection and print one photo book with my “best” photos of the year. Then I not only have a physical copy but also something you can feel and take in your hands. MY tool of choice is Adobe Lightroom to work on photos.

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I also believe it’s not about hardware or devices but about what you see or what you think that you see when you see it. With nature it’s good to have a plan but it’s even better to let yourself inspire by the nature which surrounds you. It’s all about listening and getting the right mood – to see the best point of view and just in the right moment to take a photo. Later of course some fine tuning my be needed but the important part is the initial inspiration and the mood in which I get. Sometimes I got out for a photo safari – thats what we call it – with friends and sometimes and myself. Contact

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