Retro Perspective Paraguay

After 6 months of exploration in Paraguay, we have decided to continue our exploration in Bolivia.
Here are a few of our thoughts and impressions of Paraguay. Traveling like that with a goal in mind has been very enriching – we have been learning many practical things we want to use for our own project in the future and even more things we don’t want to have to deal with :-) Absolutely priceless experiences!

Amazing Bamboo

Bamboo – The amazing grass – This plant has not stopped to fascinate me. Ever since. Is it because of the vivid green look. Or the soft feel or the sound of the bamboo trees as they rub against each other in the wind? I can’t really tell. One of the first time I saw a Bamboo forest was in the south of France a long time ago. Over time I kept learning more and more about this fabulous plant. The more I see and learn the more it keeps on impressing me.