My Experience with dacadoo

I have been using dacadoo for a little over one year now. I started using dacadoo a little before starting to work for the swiss start-up, when it was still called QUENTIQ.  Now we have re-branded the company and the services to dacadoo.


So what is dacadoo?
In a nutshell: dacadoo is the holistic digital health and lifestyle tool. The platform is the central information merging tool. There is also a dacadoo tracker app for Android, iOs and BlackBerry smartphones which empowers the users to self-track their workouts on the go and benchmark their personal Health Score – 1 (low) to 1000 (excellent).


dacadoo is build with a strong gamification engine better user engagement – behavioral change. Elements of the gamification engine are the achievements (progress rewards), Leagues (indirect user competition engagement) Challenges (direct way to compete) and Levels (progression system). Another strong tool within the platform is the  ability to set goals and track the performance towards achieving these goals. Goals can be set for any workout, for weight loss or weight gain and, specific Achievements can be set as goals as well.

The more workout tracking a user does the greater the health benefits and progress awareness.

Thanks to dacadoo I’ve rediscovered and gained new motivation for the world of sports. This is why I personally think that the ability to track my health is worth investing in.

At present, dacadoo offers a free trial subscription for 60 days. After that, there subscription cost is 9.95 per month for a period of 1 year.

Supported external devices

Supported external devices?
The platform is technologically neutral and supports third party devices such as the FitBit One and Zip pedometer to track your daily steps, Withings, WiFi Body Scale and the Withings blood pressure monitor, Wahoo Fitness Run/Gym Pack (heart rate monitor strap), 60beat heart rate rx (heart rate monitor strap) and Polar Wearlink Heart, Suunto and Garmin GPS watches etc. Many of the supported devices can be connected once to dacadoo and will then deliver automatically the data to dacadoo and keep your personal health score up-to-date.


digital health ecosystem
You have been previously to dacadoo tracking your workouts ?

By the way if you – today use any other similar workout self-tracking app or platform such as Strava (Cycling), Endomondo (Running), RunKeeper (Running), Runtastic (Running), myTracks, Cyclemeter, Runmeter, Fitocracy, HeiaHeia, etc. The current digital health ecosystem is constantly growing. The term Quantified Self is growing towards a real hype.

There is a import function on the platform allows users to import single workouts over the GPX file standard.