Healthy Tropical Fruits and Vegetables

We, Btina and myself have re-discovered all the following amazing tropical fruits and vegetables here in Bolivia, South America. This is a quick recap of the last weeks blog post about the healthy tropical fruits and vegetables. So far I have published about: Papaya, Coconut, Potatoes, Cacao, Bananas and Avocados


Healthy Food

Papaya Green Rurrenabaque, BoliviaCoconut palm tree in Bolivia Red Dwarf Potatoes in market of Santa CruzRAW cacao fruit in Costarica Yellow Bananas in BoliviaAvocado Palta Aguacate


Examples of home made food with healthy fruits and vegetables

Why not eat out in the restaurant or in a bar? Well this is an option too of course but only when you cook or mix it yourself you really know what you are eating else you can guess or hope it’s what you have been told.

For breakfast

Tropical fruit salad, this it just literally priceless really! Tropical fruit salad most delicious until today almost impossible to purchase it if you want it really fresh you have to do it yourself :-) Ingredients of this tropical fruit salad have been: a few slices of fresh Papaya, Banana, Pineapple, Coconut, Pomelo and cereals and on top of it some local honey.

tropical fruit salad


For lunch

Sliced local potatoes roasted in the oven with fresh squashed avocado guacamole and some herbs. It’s absolutely not complicated to cook and it does not take a lot of preparation time but the best thing about it is that you will never again eat any other type of “french fries” this is 1000 better you will see!


Light lunch dish: Soup

Tomato soup with local cheese and edible flowers and some herbs. Delicious!

Tomato Soup with Cheese and edible flowers

For in between: Juice

Fresh pressed Orange juice is one of the best liquid energy intakes for on the road on between. But only if its is indeed really fresh and pressed in front of you else it’s good luck and guaranteed a A LOT of sugar…


Papaya and Banana juice – this is another terrific healthy mix! :-)

Papaya and Banana fruit juice

For in between: Cacao hot drink

Like the Maya I can recommend drinking pure raw cacao with some chili. Caution it will be hot and spicy but maybe you like that too :-)

Cacao Chili Hot Drink

For dinner

“Majadito” a local Bolivian dish: Platanos with Rice and fried Egg and some herbs.

Majadito Bolivia


Sometimes a good wholemeal pasta mix with some vegetables and herbs is great to change the habits. If have to admit here that a few years ago I ate about 90% pasta and did not know that it was rather a unhealthy habit to eat so much of it. Today once a while and I still enjoy it and if there is I like to eat wholemeal pasta. Will need less material :-)

Pasta Integral with vegetables and herbs