in Bolivia

Authentic Bolivia Photography

Rainforest in Bolivia

Authentic Bolivia Photography during our +6 month exploration of Bolivia in 2015.

Twilight over the Beni river in Rurrenabaque Bolivia

Image: Twilight Amazon basin landscape near Rurrenabaque, Beni, Bolivia

Mountain village Samaipata, Bolivia

Image: Mountain village landscape in Samaipata, Bolivia

Lost world of Refugio de los volcanes_Bermejo_Samaipata_Bolivia_z

Image: Wild Refugio de los volcanes landscape, Bermejo, Samaipata, Bolivia

Water Bolivia

Image: Bolivian yungas river floating into the amazon basin of South America

Bolivia Bermejo

Image: Hidden yungas creek near Bermejo in Bolivia

According my public photo gallery on Flickr the following 99 photos are the most interesting photos I’v have taken in Bolivia so far – Enjoy:

Bolivia Most Interesting Photography 2015

Bolivia Most Interesting Photography according to Flickr