MOTIVACIÓN – La pasión y la determinación son la clave para tu propia “Misión imposible”​

MOTIVACIÓN – La pasión y la determinación son la clave para tu propia “Misión imposible”​

La Determinación

Nada es imposible. Tú impones tus limitaciones. La pregunta que debes hacerte es: ¿A qué estás dispuesto a renunciar? y ¿Qué tan dispuesto estás para alcanzar tus metas? Para asi lograr que tus propios sueños se hagan realidad.  

El Miedo

No tengas miedo al fracaso. No tengas miedo de tus miedos. En realidad no tengas miedo en absoluto… Recuerda que vas a morir. Es la mejor manera de evitar la trampa de pensar que tienes algo que perder! También recuerda que normalmente nacemos solos y morimos solos. :-) Pero no quiere decir que debes experimentar la soledad toda la vida. Enfocate en buenas colaboraciones, metas y en los buenos valores de otros. Todo es un balance. El miedo jamas desaparecerá totalmente pero con esta filosofía puedes enfocar mas claramente tu energía en lo que verdaderamente vale la pena.

La colaboración supera a la competencia

Las personas que colaboran combinan sus fortalezas para crear resultados positivos de alto rendimiento. Siempre recuerda que la la colaboración supera a la competencia. Sé transparente en tus objetivos para los otros. Mejora la cultura de compartir. Trabaja en una comunicación clara, precisa, y efectiva. Nunca subestimes empoderar a otros para que ellos propongan las mejores y más brillantes ideas para innovar e interrumpir las soluciones existentes.  

La pasión y visión

Busca, explora con la meta de identificar tu propia pasión, en caso que no la coscas aun, para tener tu visión mas clara. Trata de aumentar la comprensión de ti mismo. Como funcionas, conocerte bien a ti primero. Siempre cree en tu visión, trabaja de manera inteligente y con determinación. Se el cambio que quieres ver en el mundo. Lidera y colabora con el ejemplo para inspirar a otros.  

Bambú – fuerte pero flexible 

Y por último, pero no menos importante, ser más como el bambú, fuerte pero flexible cuando aparece una tormenta. Al final, volverás a tu estado anterior, más fuerte que nunca porque superaste otra tormenta… 

Passion and Determination

Mission Impossible
Passion and determination are the key for your very own “mission impossible”. Nothing IS impossible.



Your Dreams
The question you NEED to ask yourself is – what are you ready to give up? And how far are you ready to go. To achieve your dreams.


We Are All Just Visitors Passing By
Don’t be afraid to fail. Don’t be afraid of your fears. Actually don’t be afraid at all. Remember that you are going to die. Its the best way to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose.


Collaboration Outperforms Competition
Lead by example to inspire others and by collaboration. Collaborating individuals combine their strengths together to create high-performing results. Never underestimate empowering others to come up with the best and brightest ideas to innovate and disrupt existing solutions. Enhance the sharing culture.


Your Vision 
Always belief in your vision, work smart & hard. Be the change you want to see. Be transparent in your goals.


Be Like Bamboo
And last but not least be more like bamboo, strong but flexible when a storm shows up. At the end, you’ll come back to your former self, stronger than ever.


Ernüchternder Bericht zu Fairtrade

Wie fair sind Fairtrade & Co? Kakao-Bauern profitieren kaum.

Kürzlich ist die Schweizer Fernsehsendung «Kassensturz» in die Republik Côte d’Ivoire gereist und hat mit Kakao-Bauern gesprochen, die ihren Kakao mit Fair Trade-Label verkaufen. Ein ernüchternder Bericht, der kaum Verbesserungen zeigt.

Wer in der Schweiz eine von Fairtrade oder UTZ gekennzeichnete Schokolade kauft, geht davon aus, dass die Bauern von ihrem Einkommen leben können. «Kassensturz» reist in die Elfenbeinküste und zeigt, dass dies oft leere Versprechen sind. Weitere Themen: Saugroboter im Test.


Fairtrade und UTZ in der Kritik: Bauern erhalten zu wenig Geld
Fairtrade- und UTZ-Produkte sollen Kleinbauernfamilien ein besseres Leben ermöglichen. «Kassensturz» reist in die Elfenbeinküste und deckt auf: Vielen Kakaobauern, die von den Labels profitieren sollten, geht es wirtschaftlich kaum besser als Bauern ohne Zertifikate. Die grosse «Kassensturz»-Reportage. Im Studio stellt sich Max Havelaar der Kritik. 

DETOX in Tropical Permaculture Farm in Ecuador: Permatree

DETOX in Tropical Permaculture Farm in Ecuador: Permatree

Real Life Crossfit-type of workout between the amazonic snakes and mosquitos of the tropical climate. :-)


The PermaTree ( project is a grass root organic tropical fruit farm with the target, to live self-sustainable within the next 3 years. By self-sustainable lifestyle we mean to grow and cook our own organic foods. From vegetables to tropical fruits directly from our  food forests.

You can be part of this thriving process! it is progressing rapidly! As you will see and feel. Gain valuable experience and learn about smart permaculture principles. Learn ecological awareness and more about environmental protection.

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Retro Perspective Bolivia

Retro Perspective Bolivia

A country of statistical extremes, landlocked Bolivia is the highest and most isolated country in South America. It is very rich in mineral and energy resources but Bolivia is one of South America’s poorest countries. Therefore Bolivia is often called the “Himalaya of Latin America”.

Back in January 2015 we started our exploration of Bolivia it lasted something like 6 month. In the meantime I never found time to write the full “Retro Perspective Bolivia” but I had a few drafts living around so now publishing them to share the thoughts with you. We lived in Samaipata first and then in Rurrenebaque and at the end in the big urban city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra. All 3 locations can be highly interesting depending on what you are seeking for.

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Retro Perspective Colombia

Retro Perspective Colombia

Colombia after ongoing exploration of almost 3 month and now more than 6 month outside from Colombia. The goal of this article is to write like I did for the Retro Perspective Paraguay article a while ago. It’s a interdisciplinary mix of: biological, geographical and anthropological observations / analyses … quoting a open-minded french friend from Bolivia. During our 3 month long Colombia exploration, we did publish the 1st article: Colombia so far. The below displayed 33 photos are from my curated public 400+ Colombia Flickr photos

Retro Perspective Colombia

The conclusion so far is that Colombia is not what we where looking for. I’m my naivety and ignorance :-) We hoped to find the Colombia I knew from living there during 85 – 86 and when I visited again during a few weeks in the year 1997. Of course that Colombia had long been exchanged with a totally different Colombia. Change is the only constant in life … In my memories I had a clear beautiful, romantic, chaotic picture of Colombia and its warm hearted people. Back then it was most normal NOT be on time etc. nowadays thanks to the great globalization Colombians are more on time than a few Swiss citizen I know… The so called  progress / modernization and globalization seems to have eaten my Colombia … in a breeze of air – record time. Never less we have met old and new friends and it was after all again very enriching.

Our expectations where very high but Colombians tourist agency say that: “The risk of Colombia is you may want to never leave.” This obviously did not work out as planned because right now we are in Ecuador.


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The Photo Review of 2015

The Photo Review of 2015

Our 2015 year was one of the most challenging ever so far. It started in Paraguay and ended in Ecuador. During this year we managed somehow to live in 4 different countries: Paraguay, Bolivia, Colombia and Ecuador. Like always we had planed another road-map. This was actually plan-B because plan-A failed. You may know what FAIL stands for? First Attempt In Learning! When you make a plan and with guarantee the output will be different than what was initially planned. That is called life I believe. Read more